Every living thing on Earth needs water. But lately, some areas of our world have been unusually warm and dry. Those are the conditions that can cause a drought.

What exactly is a drought? Where and when do droughts happen? What can we do to conserve water, so that we have enough to drink, cook, and keep ourselves clean? In clear, simple language, Droughts answers these questions and shares basic information about these increasingly common weather events.

Honors and Awards
AAAS/Subaru Science Books & Film Prize for Excellence in Science Books finalist
Bank Street College of Education Best Book
Cybils Award nominee
Translated into Korean
Behind the Book
“When I started writing this book in March 2015, I thought: ‘This book will be great for kids in California. Drought is a big problem in the Western U.S.’ But by the time I reviewed the final art in October 2016, I had a whole different perspective. I knew the book could be used in classrooms all over the country.

“What had changed? A drought had hit my home state of Massachusetts. In July, my town announced a ban on all outdoor watering. Soil dried out. Plants turned brown. Large tree branches started to sag.

“Parts of New Hampshire, Maine, New York, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, and South Carolina were just as dry. And no one was prepared. There’d never been water shortages in these places. This experience reinforced what my research had revealed—drought can happen anywhere, anytime. It helped me see that this book would be an important resource for children everywhere.”

“A solid resource for children’s science collections.”
“A necessary read in today's climate.”
Kirkus Reviews
by Melissa Stewart
HarperCollins, 2017
for ages 6-9
ISBN 978-0-06238-666-3 (HC)
ISBN 978-0-06238-665-6 (PB)
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