A Place for Bats
In simple yet informative language, A Place for Bats introduces young readers to ways human action or inaction can affect bat populations and opens kids minds to a wide range of environmental issues. Describing various examples, the text provides an intriguing look at bats, at the ecosystems that support their survival, and at the efforts to save them. At the end of the book, the author offers readers a list of things they can do to help protect bats in their own communities. Artist Higgins Bond's glorious full-color illustrations vividly and accurately depict the bats and their surroundings.
Honors and Awards
AAAS/Subaru Science Books & Film Prize for Excellence in Science Books finalist
Correll Book Award for Excellence in Early Childhood Informational Text
Cybils Award Nominee
Delaware Diamond Book Award nominee
Green Earth Book Award, Honor Book
Keystone to Reading Book Award Nominee
National Science Teachers Association Recommended Title
Parents' Choice Award, Recommended
Washington Children's Choice Picture Book Award Nominee
Behind the Book
“After the success of A Place for Butterflies, my editor suggested a companion title about birds and asked if I could think of other interesting animals to feature in future titles. One of the creatures on my list was bats.
“Why bats? Because they don’t get much respect. Some people connect them with evil and purposely kill them. But bats dine on mosquitoes and many crop-eating pests. They also pollinate some of our favorite fruits.
“Right now, bats are in big trouble. In the last few years millions of these winged mammals have been killed by white nose syndrome, a disease that scientists are struggling to understand. So it’s a perfect time to take a closer look at these misunderstood creatures of the night.”
“… points out problems faced by bats and what specific steps people have taken (or steps they could take) to help the bats, such as turning off wind turbines when the air is still or putting up “bat boxes” to house bats that can no longer find dead trees for shelter. The text clearly conveys the idea that people can make a difference in animal survival. Back matter includes a selected bibliography, and the endpapers carry range maps for the 12 species featured in the book. An effective introduction.”
“General information about bats is presented on the first page of the book, with additional information at the top of the following pages. Individual species of bats are highlighted with descriptions of their habits, where they live, and what pressures are being placed on their survival. On the inside of the front and back covers, maps show the range of the bats in North America. Tips for how people can help bats show students the ways in which they can take action. A page of “Bat Facts” at the end of the book includes information about bats that aren't found in other parts of the book. A list of resources is included. Those that are appropriate for “young explorers” are clearly marked. In the classroom this book could be used as an independent reading selection for strong readers or as a resource for students researching bats.”
A Place For Bats by Melissa Stewart, gives a factual look at bats beyond the myths [and] takes a look at the environmental impact humans can have on bats and how they can spring into action to help the ecosystem by saving bats. The beautiful acrylic illustrations by Higgins Bond not only show the lifelike features of the bats, but the scenic habitats as well. By the end of the book, your child just may be convinced that they too need to put up a bat house in their own backyard. Recommended.”
—Boys and Literacy blog
“… an amazing combination of beautiful pictures and vital information.”
A Place for Bats
by Melissa Stewart
illustrated by Higgins Bond
Peachtree, 2017
for Ages 4-8
ISBN 978-1-56145-762-5 (HC)
ISBN 978-1-56145-763-2 (PB)
Un Lugar para Murcielagos
ISBN 978-1-68263-544-5 (PB)
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