Superhero and comic book force? Sure, but the wolverine is also a real-life animal! Journey to cold, rugged mountains to discover how a wolverine’s body is built to survive. Stunning photos and lively text highlight how wolverines take down prey, raise their young, and stay safe in in one of the world’s harshest environments.
Behind the Book
“Because wolverines are rare and elusive, tracking down verifiable information about their life cycle and behavior was no easy feat. We also struggled to find high-quality photos. Then, in the middle of my writing process, it suddenly became clear that some of my sources were purposely providing me and other writers with misinformation.
“Why was this happening? Because scientists were trying to protect the animals they study. They worried that if writers published accurate, up-to-date information about how wolverines establish territories, find mates, and raise their young, it would provide hunters with clues that they could use to locate and kill wolverines.
“I had to work hard to gain the trust of the scientists, so I could discover the truth. Then I had to write carefully, giving young readers a clear, accurate picture of wolverine life, while also respecting the need to keep these endangered animals safe. Every word of my manuscript was carefully scrutinized by a range of people—the scientists, the editors, the reading consultant—whose priorities were often at odds. It took a lot of compromise and cooperation, but ultimately, we were able to create a book that we’re all proud of.”
by Melissa Stewart
National Geographic Books
for Children, 2018
for ages 6-9
ISBN 978-1-42633-222-7
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