Salamander or Lizard?
How Do You Know?
How can you tell a salamander from a lizard? It’s isn’t easy. But if you take a close look you can see how they are different. This fun, informative book provides all the tips and hints young readers will need to discover the differences between the two fascinating creatures.
Behind the Book
To really learn the difference between these two critters, you have to travel—at least I did.
“I grew up carefully lifting logs and rolling over rocks in search of secretive salamanders, but it’s not nearly as hard to spot lizards. I’ve see cute little anoles scurrying across sidewalks in Florida, and massive iguanas sunning themselves on tiled roofs in Costa Rica. Some lizards are downright flamboyant.
“Memories of these experiences flowed through my mind as I worked on this book.”
“… these dual profiles of common creatures should give budding naturalists an increased understanding of how scientists use appearance and behavior to classify similar living things…" Spreads feature sharply detailed paired photographs of identified specimens seen from the same angle … and every book closes with a salient and potentially surprising new fact about each type of animal. Consider these books to lay groundwork for nature expeditions and for later studies of taxonomy.”
School Library Journal
“This clever compare-and-contrast approach makes differences between often-confused creatures easy to understand and remember.”
The Horn Book Guide
What makes this series so outstanding is the excellent close-up photography. Readers can easily see the differences between the animals without being bogged down by overwhelming text. These high quality books would be a welcome addition to an elementary animal science collection. They will be appreciated by animal lovers browsing the collection and classroom teachers presenting a beginning lesson on animal biology. A creative language arts teacher might even employ these volumes in a unit on opposites/antonyms and synonyms, drawing parallels from the animal world.
Library Media Connection
“… a handy tool for elementary school teachers in a literacy class or in a science class … a very good choice for the elementary school library. The pictures are clear, the text is easy-to-read and the organization is impeccable. Teachers will find lots of uses for this series!”
—TriState Book Review Committee
Series at a Glance:
Which Animal is Which?
Alligator or Crocodile?   Butterfly or Moth?   Frog or Toad?
Insect or Spider?   Salamander or Lizard?   Shark or Dolphin?
Salamander or Lizard? HOw Do You KNow?
by Melissa Stewart
Enslow, 2011
for Grades 1-3
ISBN 978-076603-679-6 (HC)
ISBN 978-159845-238-9 (PB)
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